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Most organisations will have considered physical or virtual threats to their data but it’s not just the security of the building itself or risk of hacking that needs to be considered. Increasingly businesses need to consider outside factors such as risk of flooding, the terror threat level & proximity to flight paths. Whilst the UK remains one of Europe’s safest destinations for data centres, these risks need to be evaluated

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Having a view of your current and future needs will help you identify whether you can work with a pre-built data hall or if you need a custom solution. Working with a data centre that is thinking many years ahead will ensure you're not having to undergo costly relocations

Choosing a data centre based on proximity to your business shouldn't drive the decision. Of course being in easy distance is a plus but if convenience is a determining factor, then you are likely to be selling yourself short.  If you're based within a city, then you may also be paying a premium for a location when you could get the same service for less elsewhere.

Be sure to visit the sites and dig into the facilities and expansion options to align with the growth forecast of your own business  

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If you are interested in finding out more about the role modern data centres can play in keeping your business ahead, or considering a move to your first - or next - colocation facility, looking to consolidate an existing estate, or want to arrange an initial tour of the NGD campus, we will be delighted to hear from you.   


Choose from 1-10 racks, shared colocation, private hall, high performance computing, or hyper-scale


NGD offer a range of connectivity options including public cloud, London connectivity, and bespoke fibre

Managed Services

Our managed services include build on demand, migration, testing, infrastructure services, and ongoing support.

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Common Myths Debunked

Physical & Virtual Security

Location, Location, Location

"Off the Rack" or Custom Built

  • Building Facility
  • Compliance
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Service & Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Trusted Advisor & Partner

What criteria should be considered?

  • Ecosystem Marketplace
  • Network & Connectivity
  • Security

Not all data centres are created equal, yet they are often seen as a commodity. Today's business & IT leaders cannot afford to overlook the differences.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide designed to stringently evaluate data centres against your requirements. These include the core comparative topics to address in order make an informed & future-proofed decision:

NGD are consummate professionals providing world class facilities and a first class delivery, they have met considerable challenges to implement a bespoke solution for an IBM High Performance Computing managed service solution and remain a valued partner of an extending IBM team."
Justin Cunningham, IBM 

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Why choosing the right data centre could help you stay ahead

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As seen in the recent Telegraph Business Reporter article, we have compiled a practical & comprehensive guide to help you choose a data centre


You’ve really got to question paying premium rates for data centre real estate and power in large city areas like London. There aren’t too many data centres on the planet that can tick the unlimited power box." 
Roy White, 
Data Centre Lead, WIPRO

NGD has experienced 100% uptime since it opened in 2007 and provides customers with 24 / 7 / 365 service and the UK’s leading connectivity solutions.